Hi, friends!

I'm a stay-at-home mommy and a freelance editor. My husband, Grahm, is an engineer. (We are not so secretly hoping our kids will be Einstein wonder children who excel at English and... well, whatever engineers do.) 

I like to blog and fix plot holes in manuscripts for aspiring authors. He likes to design complicated mechanical contraptions I don't understand. ("Babe, explain it to me in Jena terms.") I want to go back in time and tell my college self to major in interior design. Grahm just wants me to stop purchasing throw pillows and browsing Craigslist for antiques. I love to watch football and cheer on my alumn, the Oklahoma Sooners. Grahm is a good fan faker. He'll whoop and holler like he bleeds crimson and cream, but I'm not yet convinced I've fully converted him...yet. I love to eat, but loath stepping in front of my stove. He has sweetly settled into the college-kid menu of frozen pizzas and Chipotle bowls. 

We live in San Antonio, Texas where the sun is always out. We love refurnishing old furniture that we find on Craigslist or estate sales. We love fart jokes and fajitas and friends. We love to run. (I've done four marathons, and he's done a half.) We have a beautiful wild child, Sawyer Marie. She's got red hair and the larger-than-life personality to match. 

We're a few fries short of a double rainbow, but I bet you already knew that.