Fri-DIY, a play kitchen

Friday, May 1, 2015

Don't quote me, but Fridays are going to be DIY day over here at Nestfull. Grahm and I have been up to several projects since the start of the New Year, and I wanted to share a few for those interested (hi, Mom). 

Because we want our daughter to know her place is in the kitchen (wink wink), we made a play kitchen for her first birthday. I wasn't in blogging mode in January, so I don't have a ton of pictures (try any) of the process, but I'll try to explain the steps. I like this project because you can be as cheap or extravagant as you want. We opted for a bit on the pricey side, since it was her birthday present (and obviously she really cares about beadboard and trim).

I scored this jankosaurus entertainment center on Craigslist for a whoppin' $10. These things are always in Goodwill, too. They're like grandma's varicose veins, not hard to find.
First, we moved the wall of shelves over to the right. I wanted them to be even with the cabinet door underneath, so we moved and cut the boards accordingly. (I say "we," you know I mean Grahm.) This isn't necessary, but I thought it looked more aesthetically pleasing.

I painted the entire thing in Sherwin Williams Rainwashed (same as our bedroom), cut 50% white, and the inside is purple for an extra pop! Next we added some beadboard to the back. Again, unnecessary but pretty! We tacked it in with some finishing nails and then added some quarter round trim to give it a nice finish. We made a panty door out of trim and chalkboard MDF. Two hinges and a cute knob and bam! A pantry is born.
We used a jigsaw to cut a hole for the sink (It's very helpful to buy a bowl with a good lip on it.) and faucet. Since we changed a pedestal sink in one of our bathrooms, we just happened to have a spare faucet. Measuring in the little stove space, we set the four stovetop burners where we wanted them. I painted them gray before we screwed them in.
With my handy 40%-off coupon, I snagged the four oven knobs from Hobby Lobby. Grahm made them a little loose, so they actually turn when she grabs them. Next, we changed the orientation of the left cabinet door so that it would open like an oven (from the top). We added a sleek oven handle and one just a little bigger to the right of the sink for a washcloth. Using a jigsaw, Grahm cut the inner square of the cabinet door and tacked on some Plexiglass (which Sawyer has already broken).
Try to ignore the exercise orb in the corner. (Hey girl, hey!)

My mama sewed this adorable three-ruffle skirt for under the sink. We used a dowel rod to hang it.
I hung a picture of a meadow in an IKEA frame to give the appearance of window. This easy fabric banner (seriously, just tie fabric around a piece of yarn) added some color around the frame. 

And voila! This is one of my favorite projects because Grahm and I got to create something that Sawyer will love for years to come. Next up, a tool station!

What would you have done differently?

Stove Burners (painted gray)


Alana Livingston said...

This is awesome! Definitely one of the best I've seen!

Kayla MKOY said...

You're seriously the most talented adorable little thing EVER! I love this so much!!!!

Lindsey said...

That's seriously adorable. We need to invest in some tools so we can do awesome stuff like this. Mad props momma (and dadda)!

Samantha Curtis said...

ADORBS! I just did this with an entertainment stand but made it a costume wardrobe :)

Whitney Alison said...

This is so cute! How do I get you and Hubby to Ohio to DIY my whole apartment?!?!?

Kaysie said...

*chanting* Link up Link up!

I bet you could get lots of blog to Fri-DIY witcha

The Lady Okie said...

Oh my gosh this is so cute and creative! I might need to log this away for Baby Bum :)

lori said...

this is sooo precious! i am sure she LOVES it!!

J and A said...

This is seriously amazing. I LOVE it so so so much!!

Pamela said...

oh my GOSHHHH! Adorable!!

P!nky said...

So happy to see you in blogland again, even if I am a few months behind your return. This DIY is amazing, you are so talented!