Surprise Hates

Thursday, October 17, 2013

When you move into a house, there are certain things you know you hate.  For us, it was the heinous paint choices this couple made. Puke green, really?

But there are always some things, let's call them surprise hates, that you may not have noticed when you first moved in... but a couple of weeks of dwelling in your new abode and they become that zit on your chin that you just can't ignore. They've got to go.
For me, this chandelier became that zit. I absolutely hate(d) it. Unfortunately, my chandelier taste is pretty extravagant. Since Grahm would rather send Baby Girl to college than have an amazing lighting feature in the dining room (poor choice, I know), we decided to make our own. And by we, I mean Grahm. This project only required a trip to Pottery Barn for yours truly, which I was entirely okay with.

You'll Need:
Pottery Barn XL Burlap Tapered Lampshade in Natural -- $80
Pendant Fitter (Aged Bronze Finish) -- $15
Candelabra Sockets -- $2
2 Crossbar Kits -- $2 
Electrical Tape/Wingnuts -- Already Had

The first thing you'll need to do is splice your pendant fitter into three lights. We wanted the maximum light output for our dining room since we didn't want our guests to feel like Smeagol in his cave

You'll splice the pendant fitter using the crossbar kits and candelabra sockets. Grahm used his Drimmel tool (he said you could also hack saw it) to cut the crossbar in half (image on left) before he attached it to each side. The candelabra sockets can now be attached once the crossbars are in place.
The pendant fitter should look like this once properly spliced.
Now to take care of all those wires. First, cut your wires to length. Strip the wires. Take all the white wires and wingnut (that ugly orange cone thingamabob) them together. Secure with electrical tape. Do the same for all four black wires. Now it's ready to hang!
Repeat the wire process above. White goes with white, black goes with black. Lots of electrical tape and a couple of wingnuts... or at least that's what I was told.
He was so excited it worked that we didn't realize we needed to add the lampshade BEFORE connecting the wires. Oopsies. The genius is allowed one teeny mistake though, yes? :)
Not bad for less than $100 bucks, right? And you can definitely save by not getting the PB lampshade, but that's the one my little heart was set on... so what can ya do? :)


Helene in Between said...

i loooove what you changed it to. y'all are so good. come over to my house now.

Holly said...

I am SO impressed by all your DIY projects and how creative you are :) teach me your ways!!!!

Jay T said...

SERIOUSLY Jena, you nail it every damn time. EVERY TIME.

Emilie Bordeleau-Laroche said...

That's so cute! Why are you so damn good at DIY! Teach me?

Laura Piersall said...

So cute, Jena!

Amy said...

LOVE the change - definitely a better fit for the room and y'alls style!

Katie Adams said...

So adorable! And I LOVE the plate collection- are those thrifted?

Gig-ee said...

Very nice!

Kim Matheson said...

!! So appropriately timed! I hate most of the light fixtures in my house - this would work on a few of them! Thank you.

Becky said...

you two need to just start your own DIY channel on youtube! this is awesome!!

Jennie Grange said...

that is perfect!

KatyK said...

Seriously. If I ever buy a house I'm hiring you two!

Kayla Peveler said...

Cannot handle how ADORABLE your home is!!!!

Kate said...

We need a home tour! I LOvE the plate wall and art piece! Beautiful

Mimsie said...

You are pulling our legs, right? The before looked so much better than the after, IMHO.