Monday, October 1, 2012

It's campaign season, for those of you living under a rock. And I've been struggling with it. It's just October, and I'm already tired of the campaign ads, the 99 percent, the 47 percent, the Facebook slams, the zillions of political articles I (for some reason) choose to read, the pointless arguments, the ever-changing polls, etc.

Caring about who gets elected is certainly new to me. Before I met Grahm, I was a stout pan-theorist when it came to the political arena. (It'll all pan out in the end, baby.) But something changed when I started dating a man who's interested in the world and politics... I started caring way way way too much. I haven't been handling it well (understatement).

Lately, I've been reading a lot of blogs by Christian women. They all pretty much say the same thing: It's important to vote, be informed, Romans 13:1-2, stop bashing other parties, etc. (I promise I'm working on that last one.) All good things to ponder... but I think our problem, my problem, is an even bigger one.

Did you know God is bigger than politics? Seems cheesy, maybe even cliché to say. Some of you may be nodding your heads. "Duh Jena," you may be thinking. But do we really, in our hearts and minds, know this truth? I certainly don't, or at least, I need a big, fat reminder of it. 

If we believe God is sovereign, if we believe our heavenly Father is in control... then does it really matter who's sitting in the White House in January 2013?
How small my view of God if I think all is lost with a Democrat in the presidential chair (the actual chair, not the Clint Eastwood version). How pathetic my view of the Creator if I think our country's only hope for change is a some rich Mormon wearing a red tie and too much hair gel, or an African-American with a kick-ass wife and a fancy speech.

Is the world going to fall to pieces if Romney eradicates Obamacare? Probably not. Will America survive another four years with Obama? Definitely. Believing anything different is putting a God in this teensy tiny box and sitting our fat, prideful rumps on top of it... which is what I've been doing lately.

My friends, our hope shouldn't be in some man vying for our vote this November. Both candidates are incredibly flawed, sinful people. Just like we all are. They will never be able to satisfy or fix this country's needs, its hurts, its struggles. They aren't the solution, but they also aren't the reason for everyone's problems. They aren't the spawn of Satan. They won't ruin our country. They won't destroy our hopes or freedoms... because God is mightier than any man carrying the title He allowed him to have.

It's definitely important to care about what happens with our country, to be informed, and to exercise your American freedom to vote. It's important to have opinions. I can still be a conservative Republican; I can still be worried for our economy; I can still care about this election.

But ultimately, perspective is everything. I need to understand the importance of the presidential position in light of Almighty God, who is bigger, stronger, and more significant than any candidate or political view. He can do anything He wants, regardless of who becomes president of this blessed country.


lo @ crazy ever after said...

Great post! Once again, you knocked it out of the ball park with your eloquent way with words. As you know, I am a no bra wearing, hairy legged libber...but I think you'd be surprised at how much our beliefs are similar. Maybe. I just can't handle this black and white business. But believe it or not, there are actually several things that I believe in that would be considered (gasp!) republican. ;)

Kaity said...

Amen, sister! So true. And if anything, politics brings out the worst in human nature so it's even more important that we have faith in God's will and don't reduce him to our silly political squabbles.

Kerrie said...

well said :) And beautiful wedding and honeymoon photos! Looks like a great time!

Amy said...

You said it!
God is most definitely bigger than any human politics. What scares me the most though, is a nation turning it's back on God...THAT is where i get nervous.

anna.montana said...

WOW it's as if everything I've been thinking, feeling, dying to say just magically appeared here on your blog!!! It is such a great feeling to know I'm not alone. Thanks for putting it into perspective, I definitely needed the visual reminder!

Katie said...

This is very well said and written at the perfect time. I think right now we really are at the point in the season where everyone is getting a little lost in the politics. Thanks for bringing it back to what is most important!

Amira said...

"If I think our country's only hope for change is a some rich Mormon wearing a red tie and too much hair gel, or an African-American with a kick-ass wife and a fancy speech." WELL SAID! I think we might be on opposite sides of the political spectrum - but I couldn't agree more with everything you've written. I need to put things into perspective every now and then and stop getting so caught up! Thanks for the reminder :-)

fashionistas stop said...

I like your views!

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Chelsea said...

Love your blog! I'm your newest follower!

Emily said...

Wonderfully said! Thank you for posting!

Emily Marie {Isnt That Charming} said...

Great post -- very well written and you make so many great points!
Isn’t That Charming.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jena =)<3

Lauren said...

"because God is mightier than any man carrying the title He allowed him to have." Amen!

LeaHall said...

Jena, I don't think we've ever met, but I've been blog stalking you for a while. (I know, I'm a total creeper.) I was friends with Grahm back in the day when he lived in Florida. Anyway, I love your blogging, and I loved this post so much I just had to comment! Thank you for reiterating this important truth. Hope you guys are doing well!

Tamara said...

You are awesome for posting this! I am not much into politics, and love how this speaks to the heart. It's all so true.

You are rockstar.

Allison said...

Thank goodness God is sovereign! Love your perspective and definitely agree!!

Lilly said...

lovely post! the campaign season in the US is a big issue here in Germany, too. it's in the news every day. i really loved reading your article. your views are so refreshing!


Ashley said...

Stumbled upon your blog and this entry RANDOMLY (Well probably not randomly since i'm pretty sure God intended for me to read and see this) and I think what you wrote is completely true and well said (especially the part about Obama having a kick-ass wife! Love her). I know a lot of people (myself included) who have a tiny bit anxiety over this upcoming election, BUT we shouldn't because at the end of the day the only vote that really counts is God's. Thanks for reminding me that! C: