What happens when you watch too many Olympic events

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here's my problem (there are many)... I get inspired too dang easily. 

Two minutes on Pinterest, and I want to magically transform into Martha Stewart and craft myself into oblivion (or onto my own TV show). Thirty seconds of walking around Whole Foods, I instantly want to become a raving health nut... someone who buys flaxseed by the pound and actually enjoys coconut water. (This usually lasts until I see a Braum's, or I attempt a healthy recipe and fail miserably.)

So you can imagine what the Olympics does to easily motivated chaps like me.

Normally the only five golden rings I care about can be found at my local Krispy Kreme... but all weekend long, Grahm and I sat in front of our tiny television, completely riveted by all the athletic events. These people are beasts (except for the gymnasts, I'd be at eye level with most of those scantily clad men). What they can do with their bodies is unreal.

I found myself caring WAY too much about every single sport. Gymnastics? Volleyball? LOCHTE? Yes, yes, and oh my yes! In my head, I was scolding my parents for taking me out of gymnastics to put me in basketball (I'm 5'1''.). Think of what could have been! (Ha.)

While watching all of the amazing bodies bounce to and fro (knuckle-deep in McDonald's fries), I couldn't help but get ridiculously inspired. And, of course, I made some lofty goal:

I'm going to run my third marathon, November 11. (I’m telling you, so I’ll actually do it.)

After my first run yesterday, I know it’s not going to be easy. Turns out making a jamming playlist (featuring "Piece of Me" by Britney and "Stronger" by Kelly) and buying cute athletic wear is way more fun than actually running... especially in this Texas heat. 

Chugging water is also kind of terrible. I might as well superglue my buns to the toilet... my poor pea-sized bladder.

I'm excited. I've wanted to start training for a while; I just needed the right motivation. Turns out, imagining what my rump would like in volleyball shorts was just what I needed!

Who knows, maybe next week I'll be inspired to be the world's best couch potato… but for now, just call me crazy and Olympic obssessed.


Courtney Carlton said...

ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto this entire post. happy running!

PS my husband and I just moved into a house, and all i can think about every time I lose my cool and make him remove a cockroach or cricket is your cockroach bed story. I DIE. Now that we are dealing with insects far more frequently than we have before, I LITERALLY don't know what I would do if one crawled on me in my sleep. I. would. die.

Amy said...

i agree completely! The minute i see something i'm easily motivated....but only for a short amount of time! ha!
Good luck on this new journey! I"m on one as well, doing a half-marathon in november and right now even a mile is killing me. :( Whomp whomp, but it's all about the journey right?!

Christina said...
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Christina said...

Haha, this is so me as well. I am not a huge runner, but I definitely want to get in better shape. I am running the Color Run in November, that's the extent of my running aspirations, but seeing those booties in those volleyball shorts make me want to do two-a-days just to look good in a pair of normal shorts. Happy training!

Madeline Grace said...

I am the same way 100%! Pinterest, tumblr everything makes me want to do things I don't normally do!

Sarah said...

I'm running my very first run ever (only a 5K) in September. Watching the Olympics is helping me get somewhat inspired.

Although, in reality, it's making me wish I hadn't had to quit gymnastics (I'm also quite short...only 5'2 1/2" and was a gymnast for 4 years) or that I had kept swimming. Although most of the swimmers are like...a foot taller than me.

Elise @ The Jersey Flower said...

I totally know how you feel! I've been getting fit again for about two weeks and the Olympics just pushes me to do that extra twenty-minute ab workout or extra three minute walking plank. It's fun what seeing great athleticism can do! Good luck on your run :) I think that's admirable. I could never.

@ jerseyflowerse.blogspot.com

Alyssa @ Sugar, Spice, and a Dash of Advice said...

This was so funny. I'm also easily inspired...but I draw the line when it comes to exercise :) I have been wanting to do more cartwheels, though! Good luck with the marathon!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

My friend and I actually cancelled our plans together tonight so that we could each watch the women's gymnastic finals. haha. I'm obsessed, too. LOVE.


Erika said...

Definitely obsessed...and it totally kills me to see the ages of these tiny baby children and realize that at 29, there's basically no chance of me ever being good enough at anything to make it. So sad. Then I drown my sorrows in some Ben & Jerry's. Oh well!

Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...

I am seriously looking forward to bootcamp after seeing all these half naked beautiful human beings! who looks forward to boot camp??

Katie said...

Pinterest makes me want to gut my house and completely redo it. And I get all excited to try new things and never touch them. Bah.

Michaela said...

Hahaha this is hilarious. Totally get what you mean with pinterest - I pin everything in hopes of one day actually taking on one of the tasks.

Second Hand Rose said...

That's a great goal to have, good luck with it! I think we all get inspired by the Olympics but then when we try it we realise how much energy it takes and would much rather sit and watch it eating doughnuts instead! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

Amanda said...

I have "Piece of Me" on my running playlist too!