Saturday's sweetness

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturdays are my favorite. Grahm is home. We sleep in, eat terribly, and argue about who has to make the bed. (I always lose.) Here are some reasons why today is so sweet:

1. I'm finally working! Because the job search hasn't been panning out so far, I decided to turn myself into a freelance editor/writer. Editing isn't new to me (red pens are my homeboys), but freelancing is. Right now I'm working on a few manuscripts and loving it (the editing process not their books). I can already tell you're going to really start checking out all my spelling/grammar issues. I ensure you its all write, like mostly probbubly. (That was painful.)

As a freelancer, I've got to find my own work. I'm constantly trolling websites for people who need a proofreader or copyeditor. Sometimes I come across real gems like this one: 
My name is Trevor and have about a 65 page ebook that I 

have written that I need edited. I would like someone who 

exels in grammer, punctuation and can maybe even through 

there odd two sence in if needed as it is just a self help book 

on how to get your ex gf back if she breaks up with you. 

Poor Trevor. No wonder your girlfriend broke up with you; you spell worse than my dog. (We don't actually have one, but if we did he would be a spelling champ.) Trevor dear, you obviously have way too much time on your hands. I mean, really? What did you think was going to happen - your long lost lover would read your pages, riddled with errors, and come flying back into your arms? "Oh Trevor, you had me at Halloh."

I secretly want to give this to my ex-boyfriends to test out his methods. After all, I'm sure this guy really did his research. I wonder if there's a chapter in there entitled, "The Married Ex-Girlfriends: Time to Step Up your Game."

2. Yesterday I went shopping with my fabulous mother-in-law. She knows (too well) my obsession with Vera Bradley and took me to a fabulous sale. Everything was 40 percent off -- aka all the bags were screaming, "Jena, I really want to come home with you!" This is my new I'm-a-working-girl-now-without-an-office-so-I've-got-to-carry-my-computer-around-to-places-with-free-Wifi-and-free-refills-so-I-can-make-money-so-I-can-spend-money bag.

3. I got this sweet card in the mail yesterday from Molly, one of the best friends. It really made my day, especially when she corrected her own spelling mistake. (I've taught her well.) Isn't snail mail the greatest?

4. Tonight Grahm and I are going with his parents to the Thunder vs. Spurs game. It should be a blast. I may or may not have played basketball in high school, so I know a thing or two about the game. (Actually my knowledge of sports significantly decreased when I went to college and could no longer repeat everything I heard my dad say.)

I know what you're thinking... "Jena, you're 5'1''. Who in the name of Michael Jordan (he's one of the five NBA players I know) would let you play?" Well, my friends, I went to a Christian school. Basically if you could walk, you made the team. But don't worry, I was super good... like two points a game! I even tore my ACL. (This was God's way of telling me, 'You really weren't made for this, little one.')

Why yes, I did just go take a picture of my 2005 (I was only sixteen, sheeeesh!) yearbook. Judge away. At least I have proof.

Hope your Saturday is full of sweetness! Speaking of, I'm off to find me some more ice cream. This dinky pint just ain't cuttin' the mustard.


Allison said...

Oh wow...those poor people. Good thing they have you to help them with all those silly mistakes! I hope your Saturday keeps getting sweeter. :)

Anna said...

I love having my yearbooks around to look at old cheerleading pictures! You're right! It's proof! Ha! I was tagged in a little game on my blog and guess what? I tagged you!! Check it out over at A Sweet Southern Mess!

Lauren said...

Cute post :)
Good luck with the editing! Looks like some people really need it.
Enjoy your Saturday. I also love the Saturday sleeping late, eating horribly and not feeling bad about it at all routine! And the husband being home today is pretty great too.
PS - I triple checked that I didn't make any spelling errors in this ;)

lo @ crazy ever after said...

So I can't always spell but I can do math. And you make me feel old. You were 16 in 2005. I was 16 IN THE NINETIES!!!! Ok. In 1999. And half of 2000. But still.

Alana Christine said...

Their is just so much i luv about this poste. Your hilerious.

bahahahahaha. Did you like all of those errors? It killed me to do that, but I couldn't resist.
I bet you've come across several crazy manuscripts!

I love VB! You definitely deserved that new "grown-up" bag!

That Brunette One said...

Thats such a cute and fun job!! I adore that handbag!!

Michelle said...

I went to a Christian school too and you are absolutely right that everyone...and I mean EVERYONE makes the sports teams. And thanks for mentioning ice cream. I am off to go stuff my face. =)

Rorie said...

Awh!! this sounds like such a fun saturday!!

TaraR said...

1. I'm totally with you on the job search front. In fact, I'm doing some freelance writing myself as well as a few other projects to keep me busy for the time being.
2. I love Vera. I might own one, two, or six of these pretty ladies myself.
3. Snail mail IS the best.
4. I'm sure we would totally be friends.
5. I've found myself proof reading this post for spelling errors. {no kid} ha!

Happy Weekend xo

Lauren said...

What a fun Saturday! Love the bag :)


Liz Brown said...

My grandma used to get me Vera Bradleys. :D All the guys called them Very Badly's. So I have 3 or 4 of them in my used purse collection. Which I can't bring myself to get rid of. Never have I gone back and actually re-used a purse that I've kept, except once in my life, and that was in a time of extreme need.

ANYway. Happy Saturday.

wHiT said...

look at that perfect form! :)

Miranda said...

love the vera bag! Also who doesn't love snail mail? I think it makes the day brighter - especially in the world of email. What a cute picture of yourself in high school...but I feel old because i was already graduated in 2005... :)

Sarah said...

Oh my...that ad. I

And I don't know what Vera bag you got, but an awesome one I got for my birthday is the Metropolitan. There's a TON of space, (essentially) a built in wallet on the outer pocket, AND a whole separate section specifically for a laptop. :)

And I totally get you on the whole basketball thing. Except I'm 5'2" and I played volleyball. But it's the same kind of reaction, considering most girls that play it for an extended period of time are closer to the 6'0" range. Such is life. I was really good at diving though.

Crystal said...

That bag is gorgeous! So bright and full of colors and shapes, it makes a person happy just looking at it. I think it's great you took the bull by the horns and started doing freelance work. I just moved to NC and am looking for a's not easy out there.

Glad you had a great weekend :)

marie said...

Oh you absolutely needed a new bag, and my daughter is short but basketball is her favorite sport.

stephanie said...

your purse description has me rolling! I've got to make money to spend money bag.. I need one of those myself :)

Cassie said...

I both love and hate searching for freelancing jobs, too, but the above is a painfully common example of crap I come across pretty often. My morals and pride would never let me edit something so atrocious. I would be tempted to email that person and point out all their grammatical and spelling errors, though! I actually did that for a legitimate job position once. They needed an editor and made a pretty glaring mistake, so I pointed it out in my email. I thought it was clever. Apparently, they didn't 'cause they didn't hire me!

Lauren said...

LOVE the new bag you got! I'm in desperate need of something for my laptop and am seriously considering the vera bradley sleeve! They are so cute!

And also, your card is hilarious - I'm loving The Hangover quote!