You say pitch it, I say paint it

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My philosophy since we've moved to Texas has been, "Let's paint it!"

We have a ridiculously small collection of furniture, if you can call that. Our guest bedroom and living room are still basically empty (we're working on it!). The stuff we do have is all for our bedroom, so that's where I've been doing my latest project(s). Early on I decided we can either pitch the stuff we have [cause none of it went with what we (I)] had been envisioning, or it change up! And you know me, I'm all about a good DIY project.

I thought Grahm would be all for this cost-effective option... but have you ever tried to explain to your husband what shabby chic means? Good luck with that one, my friends (especially if you're planing to do this to your/his bedroom).

Me: I just really want our bedroom to be all whites and creams.
G: Wait, what? No color at all?
Me: Cream is a color.
G: Well our bedroom furniture is wood, not white.
Me: I know. I'm gonna paint it!
G: What? You can't paint furniture. It will look sooo bad, babe.
Me: No, it won't! I'm going for shabby chic look. I have a vision!
G: Nothing with the word shabby in it sounds like something I want.
Me: It's like a worn/ wear-and-tear kind of look, but super adorable.
G: But our furniture isn't old.
Me: I know, I'm going to age it myself! Our bedroom will be fabulous.
G: Darn you, Pinterest.

Here's the thing about painting. You kinda have to know what you're doing. I was determined (despite my lack of skills with a paintbrush) to prove Grahm (and all men who have a phobia of painted wood, which is most according to my mom) that painted does not mean worse. I mean what did we have to lose, right?

It was real come-and-go there for the first two coats, but by the third I knew they weren't going to be shabby stink like Grahm predicted.

Here are our night stands, originally part of Grahm's bachelor pad.
And here are is the finally result. Gotta love Anthropologie and their speciality knobs!
I should get a medal for getting through all those nooks and crannies. Seriously.

This is a dresser I've had in my bedroom for years. I think my parents bought it for me when I was a freshmen in high school, so this baby has seen some serious action. Since I'm married now and I don't exactly want my bedroom to be the same teeny bopper room it once was.

Solution? Paint it!

Much more grown-up girl appropriate, yes?
This may not be the expensive shabby chic furniture I've been scouting out, but I think it's a nice consolation prize. Good news, Grahm doesn't hate it! (Of course he could quite possibly be lying since he knows how much time I spent on them). You also can't beat the forty bucks we spent on supplies.

On the down side, I don't think I'll ever get all the paint off my body. I found some on my elbow this morning. No idea how it got there.

Little by little, this place is starting to feel like home!


wHiT said...

These are awesome transformations! Great job!

Breanna said...

I love them :)

Holly said...

I love them!
Great job :)

Angela said...

Love these!! I have a solid wood chest of drawers I've been wanting to try this with. I'm afraid it won't turn out as beautiful as yours did, though :)

Xo Ange

Melissa Knott said...

Nice work!!!!

Sar said...

Also a good place to find neat knobs: Hobby Lobby.

not jules. said...

my shabby chic paint job left me painted up for days, too! fun stuff, i love the dresser.

Jamie Leigh said...

I love reusing items you already have! They look great!! I love the aged look on the dresser!! Awesome job :)

smalltown20something said...

OO. I love how they all turned out!

BF said...

These are great! Nice work. I've been in the mood lately to get all painty on my stuff! I'm currently doing a frame diy of our dogs, and want them to have that same rustic antiquey look as your dresser.

marie said...

I think the dresser turned out FANTASTIC! Great job! And I agree about the Anthropologie knobs, they make for some serious flair. I love saving money on DIY stuff.

Jax said...

That looks awesome! You completely transformed your furniture. Love the white. Looks fresh, clean, and awake! :)

Alyssa said...

You did such an awesome job!! They look beautiful!! Gotta love Pinterest inspiration! :)

Chelsea L said...

Ooo good job Jena! I love the dresser! It looks fabulous :)

Karla said...

They look great! Two thumbs up!! I love being able to salvage something and make it look completely different!

Basil. said...

I love it! They look so good! Especially that dresser, fannnntastic!

The paint, ugh. I feel your pain!
One summer i was painting with Killz (primer...aka letmepermanentlystainyourskin) and my hair was in a high bun, and the entire bun brushed over the side of the house I was painting. When I took my hair down, I had white chunks of paint scattered beautifully over my hair. It took months to come out.

I hope you have better luck.

Krista Lynn said...

Love it!!! I'm totally the same way...Why spend money when you can make your current furniture beautiful?? And it's way fun!!

Lozzz123 said...

Aww that looks great! I think I have a bit of an aversion to painting since I'm afraid I'd botch it, but yours are cool. Good work :)

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

It looks so great! I love me some Anthro! Their knobs are on almost every piece of furniture I own :)


Catherine Zoller said...

I remember when I used to have that kind of energy and ingenuity inspired by living on a shoestring. Jay makes me continue to live on a shoestring, but I no longer have energy or ingenuity. I finally understand why every grandparents house looks dated. They finally got it the way they liked it at some point and simply ran out of motivation to change it all. I think I'm there now. And I don't even have any grandchildren. Deep sigh.

Bekah said...

Jena, WAY impressed with your old dresser. H.O.- L.Y - C.R.A.P. Didnt think that thing had it in em to look so good! Nice work!

Alana Christine said...

Good job!! Love them!

Jane said...

I LOVE that dresser! Turned out fantastic!!

Kaitlyn said...

They look so great! Do a post of your whole room when you are finished!

Bea Beautiful said...

They all look great! I love doing furniture makeovers as well, and the conversations I have with my hubby are very similar to the one you shared, only instead of Pinterest, it's TLC haha.

prettymeggy said...

i also wanted to have all white home, when we moved into our new home my hubby let me did my things but then he started to buy colorfull stuff.. apparently he got bored with white.. lol
anyway i love your dresser.. i'm very impressed how you made it.. gret job dear!!!
xoxo, Haus of Gala

JoaNNa said...

i love white furniture too! especially when it's combined with pastel colors :) you did a very good job in transforming those babies!!

p.s. yes Hilary Duff does write books! haha. she wrote her first book in 2010 and last october/november she just published the sequel to the first one :)

Victoria M. said...

That dresser looks awesome! Mike has the same "painted over wood" phobia, I think I'm going to take your route and just do it anyway!

Jillian Mason said...
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Jillian Hopkins said...

I had to laugh at this post because my decorating conversations with my husband sound exactly the same. I usually have to say "Honey, you did say I had free reign of the house, right? Did you mean that?" -- Once I'm done, he usually admits that it looks a lot better than he had imagined. Ah! The joys of being a newlywed. Haha!
Your furniture looks wonderful! Great job for claiming you have no skills with a paintbrush.

lilmoomoo said...

You did GREAT! The transformations are the BOMB.
And I'm pretty sure we have the same dresser!
I am planning on painting our Kitchen table and chairs this weekend or next.
Also White :)

Another awesome place to find drawer pulls and knobs for cheap is hobby lobby! And they usually go on sale for 50% off every couple weeks or so :) :) :)

Also- I agree. Painting fixes EVERYTHING.
If you felt like the furniture took a long time to paint, you might try spray paint next time! That's actually my favorite way to re-do furniture.. MUCH MUCH easier than painting with a brush! (but definitely not as cheap!)

Nagehan said...

Oh I love it!!! I can't wait to see more of what you do around the house!