Wedding Whoops, Link-up party!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's funny the things you remember from your wedding day. The whole day is one fantastic blur. Meeting faces you will quickly forget, panicking over the details, praying for perfect weather, trying to be your absolute prettiest (how does one actually go about doing that?) but mostly you're in a whirlwind of bliss where nothing can get you down.

Let's face it though, no matter how long we have meticulously planned for this day glitches are bound to happen. It's the most important day of your life AND you're wearing white... which basically means you're setting self up for disaster.

I thought my very first link up should be all us gal sharing our funny stories of what went wrong on our big day. For all my single ladies I bet you've got some good stories from being in/being at weddings, so share those! Link up below and share a funny Wedding Whoops that you experienced/know of! (Thanks, Sarah for your help!)

The picture above is just after Grahm did the garter toss, and his mischievous groomsmen decided to go for his face with hands full of shaving cream instead of the ring of lace flying through the air. As funny as that was (to everyone but my new husband) our Wedding Whoops happened a few minutes later, just before we made our not-so-grand exit.

Our DJ had nicely urged people to go outside to light their sparklers so we could get on the road. We could have had a fancy escort to our hotel, but we Grahm declined so the guys could decorate the car. He knew they had some excellent Bible references up their sleeves, and wanted to see their fruit of their labors. Bad decision, but we wouldn't know that til later.

All of our guests were outside, except me. And Grahm... but he wasn't with me. I had no idea where he was or what I was supposed to do in the empty room with the DJ still blasting music for everyone waiting on the bride and groom.

So picture it. I'm standing in the our empty reception room, wondering where in the world my new husband is while I can see everyone lining up outside, sparklers aflame.

Minutes later, Grahm comes sprinting to me.
"Where have you been??" I asked.
"I had to pack!"
"You weren't packed??"
"No..." (We got married in a lodge that he had stayed the previous night.)
"How were you not packed? Where you planning on wearing that suit the whole time in Hawaii?"
"I just didn't think about it! I didn't have time."
"It was the first thing on your list I made you."
"Well I think I got everything, so now we can leave!"

We quickly hugged our parents and ran to the car, which now contained BOTH of our bags. Turns out, the groomsmen had hands full of shaving cream for a reason... they had entirely covered my car with it, leftover Oreos, and toilet paper. Even on the inside, toilet paper covered everything... Not cool.
Because someone had packed my bags in the car for me, I had no idea where my phone was. Which was bad because we needed the GPS on it to make it to the hotel.

Once on the road, we had to stop several times to wipe away the shaving cream so we could SEE. The windshield wipers smeared the cream around, making it even more impossible to see out of the windows let alone maneuver through downtown Tulsa in search of a hotel we had never been to. We also got to hear the pleasant sound of cookies falling off the roof every time we had to turn.

We were frazzled, to say the least. Trying to be happy because we just got married, but also not wanting to die (a very untimely death).

Forty-five minutes later, we somehow made it to the hotel without having a wreck. [That would have been the shortest marriage in history. Move over, Kim Kardashian.]

When we got there, Grahm realized he hadn't given any of his groomsmen their gifts... and that he had forgotten most of his clothes/toiletries in his frantic attempt to pack for the honeymoon before sparklers.
So the next morning before we took off to Hawaii, we had to meet both sets of parents at the lodge to get the rest of his clothes before (once again) leaving for our honeymoon... a bit awkward to say the least.

What were your wedding whoops?? Link up and share!


That Brunette One said...

This is such a cute post!
I'll def come to you for wedding advice when that time comes along!!

Breanna said...

Such a great linky party! I however don't have anything to contribute because I haven't been to a wedding in years.

How funny about your husband, I could picture my boyfriend doing that.
Thanks for the laugh :)

Chelsea L said...

I would LOVE to join in on this, but I seriously had nothing wrong happen on our wedding day. No one wanted to mess with us b/c we had been so stressed the month and weeks and days before. So, all of that was worth it when or day was flawless. No one can believe how smooth everything went...amazing. AND, your story is pretty dang funny, I would have totally cried and freaked though if that happened to us lol

wHiT said...

My now brother and law told our whole entire reception party the most embarrasing story of me and the night we got involved puke. ha ha. I'm not sure if that's worthy enough of a post on my blog. ha ha I'm still embarrassed. :)

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Just added my link! Thanks for such a fun linky idea. Re-living and writing about my wedding whoopsies was quite cathartic. Sigh.

Lay said...

Just stumbled upon your blog... loved this post! I'm getting married in 3.5 months and I am just waiting for something like this to happen! It's bound to, I'm sure!! Love your blog :)

Mama Bear said...

Followed Sarah's tweet to your blog and enjoyed this post so much I was inspired to write one, too! It should be linked here. Love your blog!

Alana Christine said...

hahaha. What a great link-up! Loved your wedding whoops!

Sara, Luke, Brooklyn, & Bentley said...

Just linked up, thanks!

Lindsey said...

Loved this!!!

TaraR said...

Oh my word! I hope if these things happened on our big day my attitude would/could be the same as yours! Despite the hiccups you were still a beautiful bride...maybe in a few years you can look back and laugh!?

Alyx said...

I actually found your blog because of this link-up.... I love it!
What a fun link-up idea!

Sexless C said...

I've worked 34 weddings this last year and something always goes wrong. It's really just how you handle it. There is always that one bride though that will let it ruin her entire night. Once we had a bride match her bridesmaid's dresses to a painting in the room where her reception was. Apparently she didn't read the section of the contract stating that the museum reserves the right to change artwork at any time regardless of when your event is. She cried for about 45 mins "because it didn't match" before sucking it up. However, we all heard about it all night long.

Kerrie said...

haha cute idea. My whole day was a whoops! We were rained out and everything changed, the groom wasn't even standing in the right place when I came down the aisle! Not that I noticed, like you said, Brides are in a blissful daze the whole time :) Thanks for commenting on my blog! New Follower :)

Kylie said...

Loved this idea! Linking up!
PS- Every time I visit your blog, I notice your wedding dress. It was beautiful!! You looked amazing!

Sar said...

OH MY GOSH I read the girl who got in a minor car accident in between her wedding and reception, and holy moly, poor thing! This is an absolutely horrid (and awesome!) link-up!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Oh my gosh!! What a cute idea! Definitely submitting mine tomorrow! Your blog is adorable! So glad you found mine, so i could follow you!

The Magnolia Pair


Lauren said...

I'm your newest follower! Your blog is adorable! :) I'd it to late to link up!? This link up is to cute!


marie said...

Oh my gosh, that is a lot of drama. I don't think I had any. We didn't plan a whole lot so nothing really went wrong. I was in lala land anyway, I was just so blissfully happy to marry my husband.

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh my gosh what a hilarious story!! definitely good thing you two didn't crash but what an ordeal trying to get to the hotel and packing too. how did you not be super pissed at him not packing? i would have been fuming but definitely a good story to laugh at later on.

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

O wow! I sure you can look back now and laugh but at the time that would have been so frustrating! I would have harmed those groomsmen :)

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Ok. I just remembered more whoopsies. Can I link up a part two??? Brace yourself.... ;)

Jayme and Mendi said...

What a cute story (even though I'm sure it wasn't "cute" at the time)! Good thing you married that boy...I'm sure you'll never let him pack at the last minute for any future trips!!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Haha! LOVE this story! Sounds like your wedding whoops' were pretty fun! Now you can look back and laugh! :) Looks like a lovely evening!

jillian nicole said...

Haha, oh gosh, I feel you with the getting lost on the way to the hotel bit! We had rented a car w/ driver who was supposed to know his way around and, honestly, we must have driven in circles for the better part of two hours!!! Not a fun way to start the wedding night!:)

Evelien said...

Hihi I love your story!!!
And the pictures are great :)

LEIGH said...

Haha! I can't believe he didn't pack till the end of the reception! So hilarious! My husband wouldn't have been able to pack at the end of ours. I had a hard time keeping him focused to walk through the sparklers lol. One of my wedding oops was when I bit his finger sooo hard! It was hilarious to look through the photos!

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