Dear Monday

Monday, January 30, 2012

Linking up with Megan!

Dear Bed, thank you for providing me with warmth and plushness for way too long this morning. Also, thank you for not judging me that I rolled out of bed at 11 a.m.

Dear In-laws, y'all are just the best. Today you're celebrating 30 years of wedded bliss. I can't imagine being married for even one of those years, so props to you guys for being together much longer than I've been alive. I'm especially thankful since you popped out my husband. Good jobs, you guys!

Dear baby Grahm, you are/were the cutest handful in the world. Thank you for providing lots of laughs for us all last night when we watched home videos of you screaming on the side of the street "LEMMMONADDDE!" so the entire town would know about the deliciousness you were selling. What a salesman.

Dear Hair, you're at the awkward not-long-but-not-short stage and I'm not loving it. I'm tempted to chop you off, but I know my husband would cry. So if we're gonna get along, this whole static thing has got to stop. I'm running out of dryer sheets to rub all over you.

Dear Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, you actually followed the book! So amazed. One of my favorite reads last year, and I was excited to see you and my favorite, Tom Hanks. Grahm thought you were snoozecity, but I enjoyed you. (This is my version of being Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.)

Dear Molly and Bekah, I miss you trolls more than you probably know. Grahm can only handle my ridiculousness so much... I enjoy all our random 3-way texting conversations that make life better. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks for my birthday weekend.

Dear Grahm, thanks for being amazing this weekend and helping me with all our projects. You're a real trooper and I appreciate your knowledge of a hammer and saw. Also thanks for putting up with me wanting to take a million pictures last night. It's not every day that I straighten my hair... it's gotta be documented.

Dear Panera, thanks for being my office today. Free wifi and unlimited Dr Pepper, umm yes! I'm doing some freelance editing for a novel this week. Very exciting stuff. I absolutely love my job. (Also, thanks guy sitting next to me for not judging me for taking this picture... cause let's face it, you totally knew what I was doing.)


Nagehan said...

My Monday is nuts. I'm editing the story I have to submit on Wednesday. I'm drinking beer while doing it so it's not too bad.

Kerrie said...

haha this was so entertaining. Very cute post :)

aliciamarie911 said...

I love panera. I also love Dr. Pepper. I once tried to sell lemonade by the side of the was too got for anyone driving by to want to stop and drink my deliciousness.

Amira said...

Love these letters! Your little bloggy is turning into one of my favorites :-)


lori said...

mmm i love panera... best office ever.

jillian nicole said...

haha, your version of loud and close is adorable! and yes, to Panera! So much better than Starbucks cuz of those free refills!:)

Tom said...

Being able to sneek a photo of yourself in public without being judged afterwards is an art!

smalltown20something said...

I just bought Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close a little while ago, and I'm currently reading it... and I'm glad that they kept the movie similar! I want to go see the movie too!

Jax said...

I HATE static. It's awful!!!! Summer time makes frizz and winter time makes static. Is there any winning?! lol

Alana Christine said...

I go through dryer sheets like they're going out of style! Long hair + winter = disaster waiting to happen.
Your job sounds great!!

Madeline Grace said...

I've thought about picking up Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, maybe I should! My hair is also in that annoying in between state when it isn't long but it isn't short. So, annoying.

-Madeline Grace

Katie said...

The picture on the top of your blog is stunning! What beautiful colors! BEAUTIFUL!! :)

Anna said...

This link up is so cute! Your letters are precious! Thanks for commenting on my post! Glad to be your newest follower! I am definitely linking with this next Monday!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Rod and I saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close too. I read the book and he did not. I loved the movie and he did not. Not sure if there is a correlation.
I was disappointed that they cut the whole story about the journalist out. That was one of my favorite "side-storeis" of the book! But I guess they couldn't include everything...although they did a great job including everything else! :)

lilmoomoo said...

I need to read the book. For sure..

I love your picture of "extremely loud and incredibly close"

You crack my shiz up girl.