Christmas Roaches

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You know you're obsessed with blogging, when you commandeer your father-in-law's computer to update the world on your Christmas vacation, while you're still on your Christmas vacation. 

As many of y'all know, this was our first Christmas together. My first Christmas as a Roach, a crunchy transformation if there ever was one! Grahm and I crammed into my sister's car, presents and all, and headed to Tennessee on Thursday to spend some time with my family. Christmas Day we flew to Texas (our future home!) to be with a house full of Roaches (that's an interesting mental image).

Remember how I told you that Grahm's dad is the ultimate crafter and hand makes over a hundred pop-up cards every year? Well this time around... he truly outdid himself, but of course, I'm a teensy biased.

Isn't it beautiful?

The in-laws made me feel right at home by designating the trick chair for my plump buns to sit on. Don't worry, I didn't fall... exactly. 

We opened stockings, and I got these "Don't be stealin' my lunch" sandwich baggies. They have a bug on them, so no one will snag your sandwich from the fridge at work. No need to worry about labeling our lunches anymore! I think with this stocking stuffer, I've officially been inducted into the Roach clan (herd? cluster? colony? swarm?).

We also had an intense marshmallow gun war (grandmothers included) in the middle of present opening. We ran out of ammo pretty quickly, so reloading made us feel real empathetic toward all the men who fought in the Revolutionary War. I was shaking trying to stuff these little fluff pellets into my plastic gun, nervous that I was going to get caught in the crossfires of my 85-year-old grandmothers. I can't even imagine being in actual war. I bet their bullets hurt a little more. 

             I'm pretty sure we'll be finding marshmallows around their house for the rest of time. 

To top off a wonderful Christmas celebration filled with delicious Mexican food, a plethora of Star Wars references, and lots and lots of salt shakers and snow globes (don't ask), my amazing in-laws granted my crafty heart's deepest wish!

I can't describe my heart's delight at this little baby. Now I can really get my crafting on. Imagine the possibilities! I just need to learn all the ins and outs of this machine... like what's a bobbin? And how do you thread the needle? (I obviously have a lot to learn.)

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas with the Carpers and the Roaches. We are truly blessed with hilariously fun families, who we love so much.


Nagehan said...

OMG SINGER! My grandmother has the old fashioned one with the wooden counter and you somehow operate it with your feet. Can't wait to see what other crafty things you're going to make with it :)

Dee Stephens said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is cute and your header picture is gorgeous! Xoxo Dee

Lost&Found said...

Omg, those pop up cards are amazing!!

Sar said...

I just bought a sewing machine and learned how to use it too! The best tool? YouTube. They have amazing tutorials that will show you how to use your machine, no problem!

Happy Christmas Jena!

That Brunette One said...

Such gorgeous photos! Looks like you had a fab Christmas as your first one together!! Love it!

Liesl said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! Have fun with your new sewing machine, can't wait to see what you'll make! xxx

Gia said...

That sounds like so much fun! And what a BEAUTIFUL handmade card.

Gig-ee said...

Can you get us an invite to the tx celebration for 2012? Looks like a blast

A party and A HALF said...

I got a Singer as one of my wedding presents! I love it! Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy, especially if you were hand sewing before.
Looks like you had a very blessed Christmas! Looks like fun!

Kelsey said...

what a fun first christmas!!! Your family looks like a bunch of goofballs for sure!!

bobbi said...

How cute are you guys! I'm daydreaming about the day I move into my new flat and I've already warned the boy that there will be a sewing corner. And that he will most likely have to be my assistant from time to time. I'm glad I found your blog! Happy holidays!!

Sarah said...

Ok, first of all, that has to be the most epic handmade Christmas card ever.

Second, you're gonna have sooo much fun with that sewing machine! Mine's kind of dying (it used to be my mom's...then I dropped it down the stairs so I got it when she got a new one) and I shall probably have to replace it in a year or two, but oh man. You're gonna have a blast. You better post pictures of all the super cute clothing you can make now!

keely steger said...

I'm pretty sure my boys need marshmallow guns.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Just came across your blog..cute blog. so awesome you had a great Christmas!

Lyosha said...

it looks like so much fun! you have a cute and full of love blog!

Inside and Outside Blog

lilmoomoo said...

we totally got marshmallow guns too!!
They were too much fun!