the ugliest Christmas decoration

Saturday, December 3, 2011

This is our first Christmas as a married couple, and we aren't decorating.

I know, I know.
I die a little inside every time I think about not having a big tree or twinkle lights or green and red colors plastered every where. My femininity is in serious question. Isn't the woman's job to decorate the house thereby informing her husband what season it is?

Don't worry, Grahm isn't a scrooge. We're just packing up everything in our small 420 sq. foot home very soon, so it makes sense that we're nixing the decorations. Less to pack.

Last night we decided to make a gingerbread house to prove to ourselves that we're still in the Christmas spirit. Best/worst idea ever.  I don't care what those ridiculously crafty women on Pinterest tell you, this little house is not for the faint of heart. Or the hungry. Cause you can't really eat it, which was really the whole point for me.

I really just wanted to decorate with the icing, so I waited for Grahm to construct the little house. It's funny cause Grahm is cutting a graham cracker here. Ha ha!

The worst icing ever. It tastes like cardboard.

 The sides of the house. Lovely.

Grahm got candy corn cause it was on sale. I tried explaining to him that a gingerbread house, by definition, is a Christmas decoration with no place for Halloween leftovers. I changed my mind when I realized that I could make our house have a tasty corn field  :)  Ingenuity, my friends.

The house sans roof.

Our drippy doorway with our uneven walkway. I'm the red gummy bear. :)

My makeshift mailbox made out of the left over crackers. See the pointy thing on the side? 
That's the little flag sticking up -- aka we have mail to send. And I just thought the M&Ms 
were a nice touch.

Egg nog break.

About to put the roof on. Glad my face doesn't permanently look like I'm pooping.

We soon realized there was no way the roof was going to stay on without the entire house collapsing. 

We decided to take a picture of us holding the house together, when the front part of the house fell.
It was funny.

We are confused why our art was so unstable and looked sooo bad.

The ugliest gingerbread house ever. 
We won't be doing that again anytime soon.
I'm still blaming the icing.


Ashley said...

I made a gingerbread house once and it was equally a disaster haha :) Now I just eat the gingerbread. And there would be no more m&ms for me to decorate the house with...they are my favorite so they never last long! :)

Carly {xoxo teacherista} said...

Laughed out loud several times during this post. I, myself, have never tried but can only imagine my process would be eerily similar. I would also only participate in such building if there is delicious frosting that I can spoon into my mouth every other time I decorate. My roommate always has a competition at home and luckily she brought some supplies back. I have not even considered building anything but rather have been dipping the graham crackers into the frosting. I would say that your house as least adds character and you got some pretty comical pictures out of it, and that's what matters right?!

Kristen Danielle said...

Ridiculously crafty women on pinterest... haha!

Well, I still think you're horribly ugly house is cute. You guys seem like a fun couple!


Jamie Lane said...

Well the cornfield still looks AMAZING! ;)

Kim said...

I love the fail!photos. They amuse me to no end.

simply megan. said...

This is always how those gingerbread houses wanna end up lol

A.Hanaway said...

LOL. You guys are TOO cute! Nice try, I've never had the ambition to attempt a gingerbread house. So you've got me beat!

Lauren said...

hahaha!!!! xx

"coy" colleen said...

that would've been such a great gingerbread house - it's all the icings fault! i applaud you two for giving that a shot. gingerbread houses are always tricky unless you buy the ones from costco that come from a box...but what's the fun in that?
such a cute post!

Allison Marshall said...

Hi Jena!

I found your blog through Liz Brown's blog, and I wanted to officially welcome you to the Lone Star State! San Antonio has been my home for 3 years, and the weather here is delightful. Unless you like snow....we don't get much.

Good job on your first gingerbread house! Icing is the one nemesis I would have to admit...we discovered meringue powder one year and it has been a l.i.f.e.s.a.v.e.r. And all you have to do is add a few teaspoons to a cup of powdered sugar, beat in a mixer with some water ( a little goes a loooong way) until you get peaks. About 5-7 minutes. Totally the best. Holds walls and roofs like cement, yet tastes pretty good too! A little tangy, which is good because then you don't think about how much sugar is in the stuff :)