Our First Christmas... another ornament

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One of the signs that we're newlyweds (besides playing poop music when one of us needs to get down to business since there's nowhere to hide in this apartment), is our Christmas decor which (in total) consists of three Our First Christmas ornaments. These are randomly hung around our little room. Real classy. Remember, we decided not to put up any big-girl-and-big-boy decorations because we're moving soon... which makes sense, but I'm still sad.

I splurged last week and bought a green and red JOY sign at the dollar store, but it broke five seconds later. Now it's JO. So people who like coffee (aka Grahm) are real confused.

Because I put the PRO in procrastination, I decided to add to our teensy ornament collection instead of taking a stab at the Mt. Everest-like laundry pile (didn't I JUST clean our clothes?), packing our bags for our trip to Nashville tomorrow afternoon (that's right TOMORROW), or wrapping everyone's presents... which are still sitting on the floor in their original bags. We bought way too much stuff. Like whoa.

I would make a terrible terrible terrible elf (besides my short stature). That or I already make a terrible wife. Although I'm beginning to think the terms wife and elf are synonymous. We (us wives/elves) do all the grunt work like clean, wrap, and pack, and Santa (husbands) get all the credit. I guess, they do kinda pay for it all (in my case). Maybe it evens out.

Back to my ornament.
I bought this little baby today. Plain clear balls are nonexistent. I searched the ends of the earth (Hobby Lobby), and this was the all I came up with. Darn all that color and glitter. It's like Tinsel Town on steroids in that store.
This was the program my mom, dad, aunt, and anyone else who we could  convince  force into this crazy project made these for the wedding. They're fans. Aren't they fab? They better be after all the man hours we poured into these bad boys. Those flower embellishments are sewn on by hand, people. And there are three more on the other side. Grahm designed the flowchart, we printed these at kinkos, folded and glued the tongue depressors in the middle, and sewed til our fingers were screaming at us and then some.
So after all that time, you may be wondering why I have a pair of scissors in my hands. That's right, I cut the crap out of one of our leftover programs. It was kind of freeing, in a weird way. Just think of what I could do with a machete and some garland.
Turned out pretty good, huh?

Now we have another ornament to add to our ever-growing collection. Another way to remember our first crazy fun Christmas... although with our hectic travel plans to Nashville to San Antonio to OKC to Dallas to OKC to San Antonio and back and all the packing/moving/etc that's about to take over our lives, I doubt we'll be forgetting it anytime soon.


Mckenzie Jean Lund said...

such a fun idea!
I'll have to do that with one of our programs. we have like, 300 leftover, since no one came to our wedding.
Just kidding. we just printed too many.
: )

p.s. would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog? Either on Friday or sometime next week?! If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail at Mckenzie.lund@gmail.com

L-Kat said...

Did you see this idea on Pinterest by any chance? ;) I saw this idea on there today and thought it was great. I love your ornament! Merry Christmas to you!

Breanna said...

I love that idea :)

Goodluck with all your procrastination chores ;)
Merry Christmas to you as well!

Liesl said...

Great idea for an ornament, it's so special! Merry Christmas! xxx

Gig-ee said...

Loved the Joy to Jo decor part of your story. You make it work within your great sense of humor.

Matt and Chelsea said...

Fun :) I filled ornaments with dried flowers from our wedding (Ha, we have like a bajillion newlywed ornaments this year too). Have a great trip!

A party and A HALF said...

Oh my goodness, I have left over wedding invitations I should definitely do this!
We have a tree with 3 ornaments we got as wedding gifts and just random bulbs.

Jamie Leigh said...

I love that idea! It turned out great!

Anonymous said...

You are One Funny Girl!! Love reading your blog. Have a Very Merry First Christmas Together!

Suzie Chatel

Melissa Knott said...

I love the ornament. But more than that, I love your wittiness. You make me laugh.

Merry Christmas!!!

Miss Sassy Pants said...

So glad someone else uses the term "poop music."

Amira said...

Poop music?! Oh my goodness I just cracked up! I'm so happy to have an official term for what my husband and I have to do (blast the tv) when one of us needs to use the tiny ONE bathroom that we share. Love your blog, found you from McKenzie at Basil :-)