friends who go the distance

Friday, December 9, 2011

You know those friends you have, the pretty ones?
The kind that you love so much but they kinda make you want to slit your wrists just a little bit or put your trollish head in a paper sack for the rest of time?

We all have them.
But I'm especially cursed blessed because every single one of my friends is like this. It's uncanny, really. I guess I'm just a magnet for attractive people (Grahm being the obvious example). I made them all go without showers and forced them on the Krispy Kreme diet a few days before the wedding. And they all still trumped me. I've wisely chosen a picture I'm not in.

Yesterday I got to see one of my gorgeous friends for the first time in over a year. She was an honorary bridesmaid with a good excuse for not being able to be in the wedding. Blayne's been stationed in Germany with her hubs and baby girl this year. Her husband was sent to Afghanistan two weeks before Ava was born (in February), so she had her first child in a foreign country by herself. Woman power much?

I'm so glad there are such strong women in our world, who endure their husbands being gone for months and months at a time. That was always a huge red flag for me. I'm way too needy and dependent for  military life. Not to mention I would explode from all the eating-my-feelings that would undoubtedly happen.

This is us at her wedding, September 2009. I know what you're thinking. Who's that fetus next to the supermodel? Well that's me, my friends. The maid of honor. The 12-year-old. She did an excellent job of picking someone with no possible chance of upstaging her.

Anyway, they're back in the US for an entire month! I got to see her and meet sweet lil Ava for the first time yesterday. I've seen pictures on Facebook and Skype, of course, but nothing is as good as holding this chubby bunny all for myself. (Blayne, side note, is the total opposite of a chubby bunny. She birthed a child this year and weighs a whopping three pounds more than me. Dissssgusting. The only thing I've given birth to is a food baby from yesterday's Chickfila lunch. I felt only a little guilty for secretly hoping Germany had made her less pretty normal like the rest of us.)

Ava eventually warmed up to super fun, hilarious Aunt Jena (I've officially dubbed myself this)... or at least that's what I liked to think -- although it might have been her fascination with Ingrid (my iphone).

She is seriously such an inspirational person, who is super awesome at popping out adorable babies. I'm so proud of her, and even more proud to call her friend.  I know, no matter how many miles may separate us-- we'll always be a part of each other's lives. So thankful for Skpye and its ability to connect friends all over the globe!

She truly is beautiful, inside and out. She's also a lot funnier than I am, so you should go read her BLOG
Love you, Blayne!


Blayne Royse said...

Oh Jena :) my cup runeth over. I love you

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

This is a sweet post, but COME ON, you're gorgeous. I don't believe the troll thing for a second. It's wonderful that you have such an amazing friend :)

Ashley said...

You just crack me up! And PLEASE girl you are so pretty!!

Mary Rachel said...

Blayne is beautiful.
But so are you. I think that often the prettiest people are the ones who don't think they are. You're gorgeous in my book.

OneoftheServens said...

Good post, but it's time to do one about your amazing campus minister.

Kim said...

You are so cute that I get excited every time there is a photo of you in your posts. MEGA SQUEE TIMES.

L-Kat said...

It is so awesome to have amazing, inspirational friends in your life. Gotta love them (no matter how beautiful they are!). :)

The Greers said...

Jena, stop being down on yourself!! You are beautiful and probably weigh 17 pounds, haha. Miss you! :)

Amy said...

K you do know you're absolutely stunningly gorgeous right?!?

Jamie said...

You're BOTH beautiful! All three, actually! =]

I can't believe you're a Dolly too! haha

Bekah said...

What a sweet post! And I see that I don't need to flatter you bc everyone has already said what I was going to haha! I can't wait to hang out for rooms cmas! Love you!

Breanna said...

such a sweet post :)
I love the photos, too cute!
& ava is a doll!

Alyssa said...

Friends like that are awesome!

Kaity said...

I hope the fact that you've deemed yourself a 12 year old is a mere attempt at being sardonic rather than your actual opinion. Because girl, you fly. (I could never pull off saying that in real life. One of the perks of being a blogger.)

I love the way you speak about your friends, it's obvious how much you love them. It's so refreshing in contrast to girls who use "bitch" and "whore" as a term of affection these days.

You're a truly beautiful lady :)