Another year, another resolution

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The lovely Mckenzie asked me to be a guest blogger on her sweet little blog. I'm such a noob, I've never done it before! Here's the post I wrote, but seriously go check out her blog at! You'll love it.
I love making goals for myself. I also love lists.
So New Years is like DefCon5 on my millions of bad habits. (The hubs just informed me that that doesn't make any sense.) But you know what I mean.

I have a love/hate relationship with January 1. At the beginning of the year, I basically forget who I actually am. On paper, I magically transform into this robust "I-can-do-anything-good" kind of woman. And then January 2nd rolls around, and I remember "Ohhhh yeah. There's a reason I haven't been doing any of this." I'm Jena, not Carol Brady on steroids.

Every year I usually make some sort of monstrosity list, but very few of them actually get accomplished. My resolutions are kind of like a to-do list for the first week of January.

I also almost always have resolutions remorse, because everyone else always thinks of something better to improve on than I do. Maybe that should be my numero uno this year: make better resolutions.

Last year I wanted to (among other things) go skydiving, read all the Harry Potter books, start a food journal, run my third marathon, and watch all the Star Wars movies. And I ... read the HP series. That's it. (Ten points for Griffindor me!) I should have made a list like: "Plan a wedding! Get married!" Cause I mean, check and check. Doneskiis.

Run.  I'd never call myself a runner, per se. Unless there's only one piece of cheesecake left in the fridge, and I have to beat Grahm to it... Then I'll go all non-aquatic Michael Phelps on your buns. That being said, I have run two marathons. (It's not blogging without a little bragging, ya?) I'm posting pictures just to prove it, cause I know you all are thinking of my perfectly chiseled calves and thinking that I'm probably sitting on a throne of lies.


Basically, I've been eating every day like it's Y2K. Let good times thunder thighs roll. I don't even have an excuse for it, really. I'm cooking for a bottomless pit, who has a whoppin' .05 percent body fat (disgusting, I know)... and somehow I convince myself that I, too, can eat everything I see.

My life can be summarized by this statement: It's a constant battle between my love of food and not wanting to be fat. Post-wedding, I've done a lot of sitting around, blogging, and crafting. Notice what all these delightful activities have in common? I don't have to MOVE. And good lord, that's starting to take it's toll. I got mistaken for the Pillsbury Doughboy's twin sister yesterday.

Write.  I graduated this year with a Professional Writing degree. I'm one of those people who believe great writers are avid readers (cause it's true), so I read way more than I write. This is a problem only because I don't have a life goal of reading all the books in the world (Quantum Physics killed that one for me). I want to write and write well. The real stuff.

I'm talking about really putting my degree to use. Grahm and I are making payments every month for that darn piece of paper, might as well flaunt it, right? It's time to start writing something, besides this hilarious dorky blog of mine that I love so much. My book will never get written if I keep picking up someone else's. Less reading, more writing.
Love. This seems like a stupid one, really, and slightly hippy-esque of me. "I just want more love in the world, man." But seriously. I can be really mean and hurtful with my words, especially to those I love the most. Nothing reveals your true colors like marriage does, and let me tell ya... my "colors" aren't always donut and rainbows.

Whoever coined the phrase "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is a freakin' idiot. Growing up in a sarcastic family, we always say "Just kidding" after we say anything... as if those words can erase whatever hurt we just caused. I'm one of the worst. I justify it, because I assume they get that I'm trying to be funny. But sometimes it's not, sometimes it's just hurtful. I want to start watching what I say. Loving people more in the way I treat them and speak to them.
2011 was the best year of my life, so 2012 you've got big shoes to fill. I hope you're full of miles of running, pages of writing, and lots and lots of lovin' on people.  


Carly {a simple affair} said...

So many things to comment on. Yay for your first guest post. I just did mine last week and was far too over excited, but I just couldn't help myself. These are wonderful resolutions. Cannot wait to hear about updates on them all. Best of luck running again and huge congrats on finishing two marathons. Still working on a 5K!



keely steger said...

Guest posting? That's blogger big-time!
I like your resolutions/goals/dreams/aspirations. I'm full of them, too. I'm a lister, too. Last year, and now for 2012, I've made a list but also adopted one phrase for the year. Last year it was "Savor Every Day." This year, I'm stealing one of Doug's many mantras and going with "Never Stop Starting." Always a classic butt-kicker.

Dina Fox said...

Wonderful blog. You have a beautiful soul to go along with that beautiful face Jena. I can't wait to meet you! Please have Grahm expedite a visit to Tampa. BTW... I happen to be an English Comp instructor in my "spare" time and would enjoy reading anything you write.... and if you need an editor, I highly recommend you use someone besides your husband. Trust me as a fellow writer.... it will NOT go well. ;)

Lost&Found said...

I feel ya on the love/hate relationship with food. I do manage to run at least 3-4 miles a day and horseback ride, but seriously, every other minute is spent in bed blogging or looking for a job- that is a lot of hours on my bum. Plus, I really love food. Like, really really love food, LOL. I love all these "resolutions"! i'm the opposite of you, I need to read more!!

Hope you have a great new year!!!

Jenn. said...

It's hard to want to write when there are so many amazing blogs to read. You can use the blogs to your advantage though. Lives are at your fingertips, pull some inspiration.

Congrats on your first guest post!
Good luck in the new year! :)

Karla said...

September 4th?! Yaii we are twinzies! Stopping by from your post on Basil’s blog! Can I say I luv you already without being a freak?! Lol
Deff a new follower!

Christina said...

I am definitely making my resolution to get back in shape. Married life is like a curse to the waistline, but no worries, I am serious this year. Goodbye fatty food, hello YMCA.

Anonymous said...

One of the best life lessons I ever learned I learned as a 17 year-old out of place in a house church made up of University of Delaware students. We'd ordered pizzas and for some reason they arrived uncut. Someone asked what we should do and without missing a beat, another person said, "Let's just use Catherine's tongue." It was the best and worst moment of my life, I was completely humiliated in front of all these people who were older than me and whom I looked up to, but I have been very conscious of what comes out of my mouth ever since.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to make my comments not be anonymous, but since I typed my name in the response, I guess it's obvious!

Kathy B. said...

Absolutely love this post! Your resolutions sound good to me! I am completely with you on the 'less reading, more writing' part. I've been writing my novel for the past three years, and whilst at first I wrote page after page like Shakespeare on steroids, I think I have extended the project by about half a chapter over the past two years. Whilst I firmly believe that writers are the only people who can justify working for 3 years and only having endless pages of uncompleted scrawls to show for it, I also firmly believe that I need a kick up the backside. A big one.

We can do this, you beautiful, talented woman!

PS: Seeing your wedding photos makes me want to get married! You are a Goddess!! Xx

Tom said...

Oh sweet. I'm planning to run the London Marathon myself! Good luck with achieving everything you've listed.

Shawndra said...

I feel your pain! I can't find a job with that rather expensive piece of paper collecting dust either...oh bother.

christina said...

loveee your blog. and go you for running marathons! i did my first 5k this year and am thinking of doing a marathon next :D

Josie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Love the concept of yours and you looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day! xx

Victoria M. said...

I graduated with the same degree and the same desires as you. I finally picked becoming a proposal writer b/c it pays the bills, but if I could sit in sweatpants all day, read, and get paid I would!