Marriage is about sharing.

Monday, November 14, 2011

We share an itty bitty living space. We share soap [always been a question mark to me], toothpaste, towels. We share meals. We share money [Grahm is really the sharer in this situation]. We share that uncomfortable feeling when one of us has to pee and there's no where to hide in our small home. All we can do is turn the sink faucet on to drown out the sound. [I'm really the only one who does this. Courtesy, my friends.]

I guess it's only natural that we share illness, too. I was top-of-the-morning-to-ya perky on Friday until I got infested. The vow really should say "in sharing sickness and in health."

This is what we've been staring at for the last two days. I realize that toilet paper is a bit misleading. Don't worry, we've been using it for other purposes.

We don't even have the manly kind of sick, like the trots or vomiting or an intense fever. It's the pansy kind of sickness that I always roll my eyes at when people claim they're "ill" with it. We have sinus headaches. Our noses are stuffed like we clogged them with a couple of jelly beans.... We're somehow still able to produce an ungodly amount of mucous, which is a mystery to me. And we're hacking up our lungs. Night and day. It sounds like the smoker's union over here. It's the pansy kind of sick, but it's miserable. I now have a newfound empathy for all my friends who get "sick" with this every other month.

I guess if I'm gonna be sick, there's no one I would rather be with. More accurately, there is no one [besides you, Mom] that I would allow to see me. I haven't showered in two days. I've been wearing the same PJs since Saturday night. I'm surrounded by snot rags, and I sound like James Earl Jones.

Last night Grahm tried to kiss me goodnight, and we ended up holding each other as we uncontrollably coughed over the other's shoulder. It was real romantic. He's super great for still wanting to kiss me despite the undeniable stench that has surrounded my achy body. 

After all, he's the one who shared. 


Lost&Found said...

Hope you both feel better soon! Sinus infections are the WORST!


Jamie said...

I'm sorry you're both sick! I HATE blowing my nose a million times when I'm plugged up. It's like, what's the point?! I've been blowing snot for hours and still can't breathe?! Feel better soon! <3

smalltown20something said...

I hope you're both feeling better soon! What a nice guy for sharing his sickness with you. :)

Ashlyn said...

so sorry you both are sick!
i think it is inevitable in any relationship because my boyfriend & i get each other sick on a regular basis! lol

luckily it hasn't been too bad just yet!!

but on the positive side -- atleast you get to do it together! :)

happy monday!

Katie Tracy said...

Your blog is one of my favorites. Love reading about your life and adventures! Miss you like whoa.

K said...

Aww, sounds like the romance goes past the honeymoon period for you two!

 Curly J said...

Hi there.. I have a question for you about your blog desing! Hoping you can help me! :) When you click on "6 comments" at the bottom of your post on the main page, how do you get it to bring you directly to the comment section, instead of the top of your post? If you could email me back a reply, I would be super appreciative! :)

Sweeney said...

This is super cute. I mean, as cute as mucous and phlegm can possibly be.

Feel better soon!

keely steger said...

Well hello. I've been blog-stalking you, laughing and gobbling up your writing, and thinking how uncanny it is how similar you and Blayne "sound" on your blogs. I've been wanting to say hello, so- hello!

Tom said...

Hah loved this post. Hope you guys feel better soon, if you're going to be sick, might as well do it with someone you love, hah.

Kim said...

*sends healing vibes*

Yep. This kind of sickness sucks balls. Hope you two cuties get better soon!

L-Kat said...

I hope you're feeling better! You look like rock stars in your "73" pictures, so hopefully you are both on the mend! :)