Hip and Happenin' Halloween

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grahm and I are out to prove that we are still a totally happenin' married couple. . .

even though our 10:30 bedtime and regularly scheduled TV programming are probably two strikes against us. What's the opposite of cool points? Anyway, we decided to go to a Halloween party to show the world that we're still a good time. Our fun friends, who still hang out with us fogies for some reason, invited us to OUHSC Dental Scream on Friday night.

Oh the irony, dentists getting their groove on to celebrate the most intense cavity-filled holiday of the year. Whatever keeps them in business I guess...

This year Grahm and I decided to be independent with our costumes.  Okay, Grahm was actually the one who took a nosedive off the couple train. [Last year we went as Double Rainbow and were a huge hit! So bright, so vivid!]  I'm all about showing the world you're part of a couple, a couple so happily in tune with each other that they play dress up together. That's real love, people. 

But noooo, not this year. He wanted to be Keith Stone.

You may be wondering who in the world that is. I don't blame you. I wouldn't have known either. KStone is the spokesman for Keystone Light beer.  "So smooth!" The commercials are ridiculous, but Grahm thinks they are the best things in the world. He originally wanted me to be the "hott girl" that's with him, but if you're scratching your head about who KStone is, you surely aren't going to recognize his "hott girl." So I declined. No one wants to explain their costume over and over again.

Grahm went all out and even bought a 30 case of Keystone Light. Full beer cans are all over our apartment. We haven't touched them because neither of us really like beer and if we did, it definitely wouldn't be Keystone Light. Ironic, yes? I'll probably set them out by the curb today with a sign for "Free Beer." I almost did that yesterday, but I didn't want the trick-or-treaters to get confused.

I was a bit more classy and went as Audrey Hepburn, the blonde version. [According to Grahm that's like trying to be a white Obama, but what does he know? ;)]  
Did you know that there is an ungodly amount of hair tutorials on Youtube for getting your hair to poof into perfection? I don't know what's lamer, making an Audrey Hepburn hair tutorial or watching it five times like I did on Friday night. Now you may be thinking that my hair is super lame, and you're probably right.  But this hair-do is like Picasso's masterpiece compared to the childlike finger painting I usually do. [That analogy didn't make sense.] In other words, if you have enough hairspray and 8,000 bobby pins you can do anything.
All in all, we had a great time. I don't think we fooled anyone into believing we're still hip and happening, but our friends already know we aren't. Now I'm off to curl up with my new Emily Giffin book because that's what fun wives do.


Em said...

Love the costume! My other half and I decided to not match this year too. Last year I was Alice and he was the Mad Hatter haha.

Tom said...

Hah, you both look brilliant. The Keith Stone costume is borderline brilliant!

Chantel said...

Your costume is so fun! Love Audrey Hepburn! And bytheway, your wedding photos are beautiful!:)

Vanessa said...

I'm only engaged & we have early bed times and regular scheduled TV programs. I'm doomed. Haha. ;)

Love the costume! So classy!

Ashley said...

dang girl! you nailed that hairstyle!

i love the double rainbow too - so funny!

PS - i'm OBSESSED with your wedding photo/blog header. so glam!

pursuitofhealthfulness.com said...

My husband and I are the same way... We make "appearances" at parties and then still get home before midnight. Crazy life, huh?

Still sounds like you had fun!

The Miskell Family said...

I'm a new follower... :)
We have family in Shawnee so we get to OKC alot to visit.

My hubby grew up in Mannford (sorta by Tulsa).

Stephanie and Such said...

A double rainbow is the most perfect idea evvvveeerrrr!!!

PS just found your blog through Ash@Run with Me! And you're going in my reader. Love it! And looking forward to "getting to know" you better!

Jamie said...

I LOVE the double rainbow!