Apartment Hunting

Monday, November 21, 2011

Have you been apartment shopping lately?
It's fun for a whoppin' five minutes.

I'm reeeeally bad at it. You may be wondering how that's possible, but trust me, it is.
My first mistake was I wore heels. The one time I decide not to dress like a 10-yr-old boy on his way to basketball camp... 

They make you walk all over. The model they show you is usually the farthest building away, so you have to walk about three miles before you can see it. And by the time we got there, I'd almost bitten the dust about three times. Classy.

My second mistake was assuming that I knew what kind of apartment I wanted. One bedroom? Two? How many bathrooms? First floor or third? There are way too many things you need to know. I thought I was prepared with my list of must haves, which was comprised of "bigger" and "closet."

My third mistake was assuming that I can read floor plans. I can't, no matter how long I stare at those little boxes.
This is the floor plan for our new place, for those of you smarter than me.
My fourth mistake was assuming that there would be any decent apartments in the entire city of San Antonio. It's amazing the layout of some of these places! Does the water heater in the kitchen sound appealing to anyone? Or the washer and dryer in the bathroom? I mean, who in the world wants their clean clothes next to the toilet? One wrong move and the clothes are dirty again.

And what is so great about a built-in desk? One place we looked had a desk built into the kitchen. Another had one in the living room. And the last one had one in the bedroom. Gross. What's even worse is that each of the apartment guides pointed the desk out, like it was the best feature of the whole place. 
Nooo thank you. How am I supposed to decorate that? 

My fifth mistake was that I forgot how easily swayed I am. I found myself Ooohing and Ahhhing about the decoration of each of the models, not the floor plan. "Oh what a cute couch!" or "That's such a pretty mirror!"  I swear they decorate because of people like me who forget that all the stuff inside isn't coming with the apartment.

You would think that picking our next place to live after pleasantville 2301 would be the easiest decision ever. As long as it has a closet and a non-gas stove, I thought I'd be sold. But noooo, it was much more complicated than that. Or... I'm more complicated than that.

After two full days of searching, we finally found the perfect two bed/two bath. It's perfection. 
It's really weird that we're going to be moving to a different state so soon... but we're both excited/nervous/anxious/thrilled. The trick is going to be living in 400 square feet for one more month when we know our new home that is 3 times the size is waiting for us.

An oh, did I mention? My walk-in closet is as big as Kelly Clarkson’s butt last night on the AMAs!  
I am one happy girl.


Matt and Chelsea said...

Hehe you're so cute! I actually love apartment hunting!! : ) Matt hates it. I always make him go to like 10 and then go home and talk about each of them lol. Exciting that you found one!! We find out next month if they're raising our rent and if so we'll be doing the same thing : )

Nagehan said...

Yayy!! If there is anyone who knows about the pain in the ass apartment hunting...it's me. And I have to do it every year in NYC (unless if I decide to resign the apartment lease which hasn't happened yet.) Good for you!! :)


a girl with a smile said...

yay congrats!

Christina said...

Apartments aren't the funnest things. That's why we bought a house the second we became financially able. Then you can decorate all you want :)

Carly {xoxo teacherista} said...

I don't think apartment hunting as been summed up so truthfully yet eloquently ever before this post. So glad you found a place though!! Can't wait to see the progress of decorating it :)

Emma said...

Oh man, one look at that floor plan and I'm absolutely dying. I would not mind living in an apartment again if it's laid out like that, haha!

And you're absolutely right. They really do decorate the models in the hopes that you'll be swayed by how pretty it is, not by its amenities or layout. It's called staging...they do it when selling privately owned homes as well!

Kristen Danielle said...


And I despise apartment hunting as much as you! So much so, that I don't do as much research as I should, my first apartment turned out to be a total sham- hated the place! But, our apartment now... I'm in love with it! :)


Kim said...

Yay! So glad you found somewhere perfect :D

When we moved into this place I hadn't seen it apart from the photos on the internet. Good thing I trust Biz or I might have been in for a shock. Although to be fair, he had never seen our last place before we bought it, so turnabout is fair play!

Hannah said...

my husband and i recently went through the apartment hunting process and finally found the perfect two bed/bath with walk in closets! it was a dream after our first tiny little place.

Jamie said...

Hahaha "one wrong move and they're dirty again."

Congrats on finding the perfect place! loving where you live is SO important, it's going to improve your life by 1000%! Also, I'm jealous of your future closet.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Oh my goodness! I totally know what you mean about the built in desk. We've been looking for houses to buy and they usually have them in the kitchen or the hallway. Seriously? Who wants a desk in a hallway? Or a kitchen? So stupid!
Good luck apartment hunting! Can't wait to see your results!

Kristen said...

That is so exciting! I have done my fair share of apartment hunting here in Colorado Springs, and I have also seen the built-in desk....not as hot as they think it is! How great that you have an extra bedroom-- are you turning it into an office, or guest room?

I hope everything with the move goes smoothly! Enjoy your last days in your first 'home' :D

Cherie said...

I online apartment shop. Living in a smaller city, it's also pretty easy to get a feel for complexes just through word of mouth and drive-bys.

Glad you found a place!

Ashli said...

I love love love apartment hunting. Sometimes I peruse ads online for fun.

My other half works for a rental agency that keeps promising us a free apartment that has yet to materialize, so my apartment hunting days have been thwarted for now.

Leslie @ Body Won't Break said...

When I got my first apartment post-college, I went for the cheapest place I could find. That was my big mistake and why we so quickly moved into a house.

I get apartment envy now and wish I would have picked somewhere sparklier to live when I first graduated. So I am sure I will continue to have apartment envy with your soon-to-be new place!