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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's face it, giving birth is a scary wonderful thing. It's also super gross and [seemingly] physiologically impossible. God's gotta be super quirky to come up with this crazy reproduction system.

If I had created the world [I probably wouldn't be blogging to you people] but I would have said humans can grow humans via eggs... as in the kind you hatch. As in chicks, ducks, and geese. [Did anyone catch my musical reference? If so, gold star for you.] We could plunk our warm fannies on top of our little babies until they're nice and warm and ready to enter the land of the living.  Even better, I would have all of us be like penguins! That's it, penguins. Then the males would also have to sit on the egg and wait for new life to crack.

Now that's a labor system I can get on board with.

Instead, we blow up. We get fat, tired, cranky, uncomfortable, and did I mention, fat?  And when I say we, I'm including myself in the universal group of robust females who have had or one day will have life coming shooting out of them.

So why? Why do we do this to our bodies? Why do we give up our date nights, our REM cycles, and our life savings?

This little guys say it all.  [At least one of us looks cute in this picture.]

My wonderfully strong friend, Laura, gave birth to her first son, William Neil, this weekend. And they did an excellent job, I must say... especially for first timers! You know you're getting old when your friend starts to intentionally have children. Grahm and I frantically drove down to Tulsa on Saturday to be there for our friends and to see this bundle of joy. It was so exciting to be in the waiting room, anticipating the birth of Planet Earth's newest member. I didn't think he could get any cuter and then my husband held him...


So even though our bodies change in drastic, grizzzzzwaldo ways [don't get me started on breast feeding] and even if we're gonna have to stay up long nights, spend out the buns for the next twenty-two years, and generally give up a lot of ourselves.... This little guys, of course, is worth ALL of that. All of that and so so so much more.

I may not entirely understand why God made it this way, but it's a beautiful thing... except maybe the getting-fat part.  I plan to be the only woman in the world to skip that part of pregnancy. But don't worry, that won't be happening for a loooong time.


Katie Tracy said...

Phew long time! Beautiful baby but I can't wait for our babies to grow up together! In ten years!!!!

Victoria + Ryan said...

Cute baby! can't wait for my baby time. Anyways, wanted to say congrats on getting married! :)

Kristen Danielle said...

What a sweet post!

Also, the photo as your header on your blog is gorgeous!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog leaving some comment love :) I love your blog as well! New follower :) Have a great week.

Kristen @ KristenDanielleXO

Jacque said...

Hi there! Thanks for the comment on my blog and the offer to read my writing! :) Your wedding pictures are so beautiful! And that new bundle of joy. Men holding newborn babies is probably the sweetest thing ever!