One month down, a lifetime to go

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today is our one month anniversary of wedded bliss. We're pretty much experts.
Go ahead, ask me anything.

It's weird to know that this time one month ago, I was sitting anxiously in my little dressing room at Post Oak Lodge surrounded by my closest friends. We were all unusually quiet as we waited for my dad to come pick me up.

I wasn't nervous, really.
I knew Grahm would show up and that I wasn't about to pull a "Runaway Bride" on anyone... my dress pretty much eliminated the possibility of any fast movements.

It was more the little things I was having minor anxiety attacks about...
I wanted everything to run smoothly, to have the groomsmen know exactly what they're supposed to do and where they needed to go, for no one to trip on their excruciatingly long walk across the bridge and down to the aisle runner. I wanted the wind to calm its annoying self so our wonderful lanterns wouldn't go airborne in the middle of the ceremony. I wanted the whole shibang to be stunning. I wanted to look pretty. I wanted to have great pictures that tricked people into believing that last thing was true. I wanted people to have a fabulous time.

As soon as I started walking with my dad all those busy thoughts in my head quickly evaporated, and my heart was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and disbelief.

The walk down the aisle was probably a grand total of thirty seconds, but to me... it felt much longer. I took in everything: the beautiful decor my mom had worked so hard on, the orange rose petals, the lanterns hanging in the trees, the arch my aunt had made. The weather was perfect with no wind and no sweat... a miracle in Oklahoma if there ever was one. I saw my best friends in their pretty dresses, the looks on their faces as they watched me.

And I saw him. I will never forget that moment or those steps.


Jamie Lane said...

Happy anniversary to you guys!! You look stunning in that picture!

Ruthie Hart said...

oh my word girl...your wedding was gorgeous! I love your flowers!!!!!!! We did orange bouquets too :-)