Monday, October 17, 2011

I decided that the politically correct thing to do is to give my blog a makeover.

It was a teensy bit girly and even though Grahm never said a word about "our" blog, I wouldn't want to run the risk of being too feminine or not caring about my husband's needs as a man. I could tell all the purple pained him each time he came to read his wife's words... which was maybe two times, but who's counting? I'm certainly not. But if I was, is there anything sadder than having a "I'm married now" blog that your husband doesn't read? There is not, my friends. [It's funny because I'm hinting to Grahm to take interest in my blog via my blog... aka not helpful.]

Back to me.
Marriage is about compromise, so I wanted to manly up our site for him. That and I finally got my wedding pictures and needed a handy excuse to blast them all over here without judgment. You might have noticed the 400 pictures I cluttered on Facebook this weekend [which took nine years] but now, I'm giving you the chance to enjoy them over and over again. Alright maybe we're the only ones who actually want to do that. Oh wait, Grahm doesn't get on here.  Guess it's just me then.
See? I knew you'd judge.
I figure if I'm going to get permission to decorate our home in frilly, frou-frou, and [heaven forbid!] floral things, I better have a ready rebuttal to his protests.  "But honey I de-purpled the blog for you, remember? It's soooo manly now!" Ignore the fact that custard yellow is neutral at best.

Now I have a handy argument in case displaying a few of the crafty things I've made doesn't go over so well...
I'm off to add more earrings to my fancy new jewelry holder. Maybe Grahm won't notice it.

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