Humble Beginnings

Saturday, October 1, 2011

When we moved into our quaint 440 sqft. apartment, we weren't disillusioned to our new place. We were fully aware that we were no longer going to be on the 17th floor of the Hyatt Regency on Waikiki Beach. But we also knew it was our new home. Our very first place as husband and wife, and we were excited. For documentation's sake, I need to enlighten you all to the quirkiness of our little home. You can't make this stuff up, people.

We have a dryer/washer unit from the 70s when hippies roamed the earth. It's currently serving as our pantry because we don't have any extra cupboard space to store our oh-so-healthy food. If you're lucky, this bad mammajamma will finish one load in 24 hours. And by that I literally mean 24 stinkin' hours. You can't wash and dry your clothes at the same time... so you'll only have time for one tiny load each day. And that's only if you can somehow convince yourself that your clothes are actually getting clean while they soak in a little pool of water for a few hours, because oh did I mention?, there's no spin cycle.

You can put your maybe-they-might-be-kinda-clean clothes in the dryer, but remember, they're sopping wet. You gotta ring them out as bet you can, pioneer woman style. (Note: This is not a reference to the famous blogger/chef, I'm talking about an actual pioneer woman from the 1800's. Put your wrists into it, ladies.) While your little dryer is working its darnedest, it makes the most pleasant noise. That is if you like sitting in terror for fear that a wild herd of elephants is about to trample your apartment to the ground. Eventually (hours and hours and hours) later, the clothes will finally be dry...Or at least dry enough. Damp jeans can just air dry on the hanger, right? Right. Needless to say, I go to a laundromat now.

So then I turn to try to making dinner for my sweet husband. We have this janky gas stove that's real temperamental and only works when it feels like it. You can only use one burner at a time, so if you're trying to make a complicated (which is basically any recipe to me) meal from your Pioneer Woman cookbook, it's basically going to end up with you doing this awkward trying-to-hold-a-million-pans dance in which you're trying (impossibly so) to keep everything warm. Lighting this thing is terrifying. Every time I think I'll explode. Thankfully it hasn't happened yet, but when it does I want "She was trying to be a good wife and make her husband dinner" written on my grave, okay? I've learned to embrace the brilliant invention of the Crockpot, a Godsend if there ever was one.

This week the plumbing plummeted to its absolute worst. I've already whined about it to you fine folks in a previous post, but I feel like I need to reiterate our situation so that you, sweet friends, can increase your gratitude for your properly draining sinks and effectively flushing toilets. Go without water for a few days and you and your spouse will not only learn to love each other despite your constant stench, but also your thankfulness for showers and the ability to pee in your own home will undoubtedly increase. I'm pretty sure the people at the McDonald's down the street think we're homeless people with really tiny bladders. Our sweet landlords fixed it yesterday, and I was finally able to clean the millions of dishes that were piled into our sink since we didn't have any water and we don't have a dishwasher. Sigh. A girl can dream.

There are like five million other things I could write about the quirkiness of this studio apartment, but I won't because a) you're probably thinking this post is way too long as it is and b) I'll probably write them in future blog posts and c) I don't want you to think that all I do is complain.

That last part is only half false.

Everyone is right when they tell us "These are the days you will always remember!" And we're finding that out to be very true.

We laugh a lot. We're frustrated a lot. But it's a super fun adventure we're having together. And you know what? We wouldn't trade it for the world....Okay, you could probably convince me if you throw in a dishwasher and a closet and freshly painted walls. :)


Bea Beautiful said...

Wow. Now I understand and appreciate your most recent post now.

Found you from Pretty Random Things blog.

Lindsey said...

When you said we were similar I had to check out your blog and omgosh, my first place with my husband was a 440 square foot studio! So weird and so funny. =]