Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grahm and I just made the biggest transition of our young lives. We're married now, forever attached to the other's hip. Is it weird that even after a month I still get really giddy at the idea that I'm Mrs. Roach??

Every day so far has been full of learning, growing, loving, and forgiveness. Transitioning from a Carper to a Roach has been the most rewarding and most challenging change, and we're loving every minute.

Soon we will have even more changes to embrace.

Next week Grahm has two interviews in San Antonio. I won't pretend that I understand the intricacies of these jobs enough to attempt explaining to y'all what he'll actually be doing. All I know is, it's a job that he would love (from what we know so far).

It will be a hard change for me, living in Texas, away from my friends and even farther from my family.
A huge comfort to us is that Grahm's parents live there, so we wouldn't be entering the longhorn state without knowing a few faces. We also heard of an excellent church to attend while we're living there.
It will be difficult, but I think we're both excited and nervous about the possibilities.

Please pray that the Lord would open the doors that need to be opened.

No matter what happens, no matter where we go...I know that my best friend will always be right by my side. And that is comfort enough to embrace just about any change that may come our way.

A new hobby

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mondays are supposed to be manic cleaning days in the Roach household. What better way to start off a new week than the sweet smell of lemon Pinesol in the morning, or bleaching things til your fingers bleed? That's intense cleaning, my friends.

Today, however, I've given up. We're having severe plumbing problems in every drain. Taking a shower is essentially taking a bath because the water never goes anywhere. When you flush, the toilet either overflows or the sink in the kitchen will start bubbling with water whilst making a very unpleasant gargling sound. It's hard to have the will to clean when you're terrified of getting splashed with yesterday's pee.  Hopefully the plumber will be out today. Just one of the many quirks to living in studio 2301 1/2.

To replace cleaning, I will craft.

I don't know if it's the eight hours a day I spend alone inventing things to do, my recent obsession with Pinterest, or my regrets that the wedding, and all the craft projects that went with it, are over...but I've recently become a craft junkie, or at least an aspiring one. I read a blog the other day that said her husband has no idea what her night life is like because she is always crafting when he's asleep. I share this sentiment, only in the afternoon when Grahm's at work.

Currently, we don't have a headboard for our bed. So I decided to make a faux board that would also help cover up some scuffs on our crude baby blue walls.

I went to JoAnn's, my new favorite store, and got some lace and off-white fabric. I covered a large bulletin board with a piece of felt for a nice padded look before adding the layers of fabric.  

I added some matching ribbon on the sides and with the left over materials, I made these fancy fabric flowers for the corners. 

Originally, we wanted to do something like this for the wedding. It would've involved styrofoam balls covered in these fabric roses and we would've hung them in the trees for the ceremony. This idea was quickly abandoned, simply because they are super duper time consuming. Instead, my mom made millions of fluff balls... coffee filters glued to paper lanterns in a variety of sizes. She's the ultimate crafter in my opinion, and the sole reason my wedding was so beautiful.

My friend Julie took this during the Father/Daughter dance. I think it shows off a few of the fluff balls really well (there were like a million more). Mom called them the "wow" factor, and I think just about everyone agreed :)

Back to my headboard. 
Here is the finished product! I tampered with the coloring so you couldn't see what the walls really look like. It's my first official craft project as a little wife, and I'm quite pleased with it.  I've got several other things in store for the coming days! Today's craft involves some of Grahm's old tee shirts. But shhhh, don't tell him.  He needs to be rid of those anyway! :)

I tried to start a new tradition...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

yesterday in the Roach home.

I thought it would be nice to get up early on Wednesday and make a special breakfast for Hump Day, the second worst day of the week. Maybe it was my sense of guilt for having never made my husband a meal in the morning or having never actually been out of bed when he leaves for work. Don't worry, I'm awake. Just not up. Oh, I'll groggily smile at him and kiss him with my hot, top-of-the-mornin-to-ya breath...I just don't get up to walk him the five steps to the front door.
I'm a terrible wife.

Seeking to rectify that, I got up at seven o'clock and snuck out of bed and into our tiny kitchen, a whoppin' three steps away. Sneaking around isn't really possible in a one bedroom apartment, but I somehow managed to get the sausage, egg, and cheese casserole I made the night before into the oven without him suspecting anything other than my tiny bladder.

When all was said and done Grahm had six bites of my casserole, because he wasn't hungry after his massive midnight snack the night before. Mental note: make sure the husband actually wants to eat before preparing him a feast.

In the end, we're better off without our Wednesday breakfast tradition. I can sleep longer, and he doesn't have to pretend to be hungry at 730 in the morn.  We're just not morning people, people.  From now on all traditions will be made for the afternoon/evening.

The Roaches are here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We're crammed in a small, but wonderful studio apartment in Oklahoma City. The water pressure is spotty, the carpet is dingy, and we almost die every time we light the stove. And yes, I did say light the stove. But it's ours, and we love it.

We've been here for a week now and we're finally starting to feel settled. No more boxes, no more presents to open, no more cleaning...for now at least. I went grocery shopping, so we no longer feel like starving college students living from one Taco Bueno burrito to the next. And I've attempted to decorate (that's a somewhat loose term) our tiny space.

Cleaning and decorating, I've discovered, are very different to the female and male minds. We think, "I can't live in this place until I scrub everything at least five times!" He thinks, "What hair in the shower?" We ask, "What can we do to make this place super cute?" He asks, "I thought I just took out the trash like you asked?"

After three days of intense scrubbing, organizing, and contemplating the perfect place for all of our stuff, Grahm told me that he "likes it." Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I told him I needed a better and much, much bigger response to the miracle I performed for our home. I may post pictures, if I suddenly get courageous, so you all can enthusiastically lie to me about how fantastic the place looks.  ;)

Despite his lack of enthusiasm for my organization skills, we are transitioning into married life very well. Grahm is still working as a Biomedical Engineer at OMRF, and I'm doing the whole housewife/cooking for my husband/doing laundry thing. Who knows where life will lead us in the next few months. Right now, we're just enjoying the ride!